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For Fire Officials, BuildingReports electronic fire and life safety inspection solutions offer a unique opportunity to not only increase your own department's productivity, but also to increase the quality and consistency of inspections throughout your jurisdiction.

Consistent Inspection Data Collection
Using our ScanSeries and BRInspector applications allows inspection companies to provide data in a consistent format and ensures that they collect all of the necessary data. This data is uploaded to your jurisdiction's web portal where standardized reports are automatically and instantly generated. You no longer need to spend time trying to interpret different report formats or decipher bad handwriting.

Centralized Inspection Management
BuildingReports will create a custom web portal for your jurisdiction where all inspections can be uploaded and managed through our user-friendly web interface. By centralizing reports in one location, you can quickly get an overview of all the inspections taking place in your jurisdiction and view the details of all devices inspected.

Replace Your Paper Forms
Increase productivity and reduce the costs associated with your own internal paper forms by replacing them with BRInspector electronic forms. Quickly and easily fill out forms on your handheld computer or through our web interface. Link your department's forms to inspection reports from service companies. Completed forms are stored online and available for viewing, editing, or email distribution with any web browser.

Data Security
Due to the sensitive nature of your jurisdiction's inspection information, BuildingReports makes every effort to ensure your data is safe. Vigorously protected servers, multiple daily backups, and off-site data archiving ensure your data security. Access to information is controlled by your department through your central web portal.

To learn more about BuildingReports solutions, please take some time and view our video by clicking on the link above. To contact a representative, click the button below to send us your information.

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