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BuildingReports innovative electronic fire and life safety inspection solutions were built on a simple philosophy - to create tools that allow service companies to perform inspections faster, better, and cheaper. From our comprehensive mobile data collection applications to our feature-rich web portal, we try to give you a competitive edge in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Built from the ground-up from an inspector's perspective, our ScanSeries and BRInspector mobile data collection applications were designed for efficiency. Easily collect comprehensive information about devices being inspected by selecting from lists of common answers or scanning manufacturer barcodes. When finished, simply upload the data to our secure web portal where inspection reports are automatically and instantly generated. Customers can access their reports online 24/7 instead of waiting for mail, faxes, or e-mails . Increase the speed and accuracy of repairs using our automated Service Authorizations system.

All devices are barcoded and scanned when inspected to provide an accurate, verifiable inspection record for every device serviced. Instead of being shoved in a filing cabinet, inspection data is stored on our secure servers that are backed up daily and archived off-site. Our Intelligent Reporting System not only provides comprehensive data on every device inspected, it also provides features that just aren't available with paper-based systems. For each discrepancy, easily reference NFPA and other codes to show why a device does not meet regulatory standards. Automatically find out if devices are under product recall with a database provided by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Track statistics on inspections, individual device types, or your company as a whole to help find areas for improvement.

Increased productivity and efficiency helps to reduce overhead associated with inspections. Save time and materials associated with printing, faxing, and mailing paper inspection reports. Because inspectors can transfer data wirelessly from the field, you save gas and vehicle maintenance associated with daily trips to the office. As a web-based service, there is no need to install expensive servers or pay IT staff to maintain the system.

For 10 years, BuildingReports has been providing electronic fire and life safety inspection solutions to some of the best service companies around the world. With industry experts and former inspectors on staff, we understand the needs and concerns of service companies. We stand behind our products and services and make sure you are using them to their maximum potential by providing comprehensive on-site training, best-in-class technical support, and periodic training webinars.

To get a better understanding of what we are about, view our promotional video by clicking on the button above. If you would like to speak to one of our representatives, get more information about our products and services, or request an online demonstration, click the link below to send us your information.

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