ScanSeries 1.5 Release

ATLANTA – August 8, 2014. BuildingReports announced today the availability of ScanSeries™ version 1.5 with updates and enhancements for Apple® iOS. ScanSeries is a suite of industry leading applications for device-specific inspection and reporting of fire, life safety and security systems. Using a simple point-and-scan process leveraging iPhone® and iPod touch® devices in coordination with barcode-scanning Linea Pro sled hardware, inspectors can easily scan safety equipment labeled with BuildingReports barcode stickers, complete a building system inspection and deliver real-time, web-based inspection reports to building owners and safety officials.

With the release of version 1.5, BuildingReports relied on customer feedback to provide popular enhancements including a new power management feature. The feature alerts the user once the mobile device battery power level reaches 30 percent, 20 percent and 10percent, and provides the option to charge the mobile device from the sled battery. The option can also be manually enabled at any time through the ScanSeries application settings.

Because a mobile device requires more power than the sled due to screen lighting, memory and application processes, and other features not found on the scanning sled hardware, the rate at which the sled uses battery power is much lower than the host mobile device. Thus, the sled may be utilized as a secondary power source from which the mobile device can replenish its own battery supply during the course of longer inspections, reducing downtime for charging and increasing inspection efficiency. This option is only active while the ScanSeries application is in use.

Depending on a user’s device settings, the update may have been installed automatically. Users who do not have automatic application updates enabled should receive an alert from the iOS device’s App Store icon to download and install the update to their device.

Jason Dooley, quality assurance manager at BuildingReports, urges customers to keep BuildingReports applications up to date. “For users that prefer not to enable the automatic application update feature on their mobile devices, they should establish a schedule for checking application notifications and manually applying updates as they become available. This practice ensures that they are not only getting the full value from their investment in BuildingReports’ mobile solutions, but that their devices and applications will continue to operate properly,” said Dooley.

Apple users in the United States can view the update version history and download updates at, or check from updates within the application itself. ScanSeries for the Android platform is currently in development and undergoing beta testing. It is set scheduled for release later this year.

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