Leader in fire and life safety compliance reporting technology surpasses 3,000,000-inspection report milestone

ATLANTA – July 5, 2016 – BuildingReports, the most trusted name in compliance reporting, reached a landmark on July 5th with the upload of its three millionth fire and life safety inspection report. The company provides mobile inspection applications and web-based compliance reporting to help independent service companies ensure that critical fire, life safety, and security systems are code-compliant and in working order.
Founded in 1999, BuildingReports set out to revolutionize an industry that had been relatively slow to adopt technology solutions and relied heavily on comparatively expensive and inefficient paper reporting processes. Using bar codes applied to fire, life safety, and security devices throughout commercial facilities, inspectors now use mobile devices equipped with BuildingReports’ ScanSeries application to scan and log device inspection results.
At the completion of an inspection, the field tech gathers signatures and uploads the data creating a report that is immediately available online. These reports include a comprehensive record of which devices passed or failed, why devices failed (including the associated codes and standards), and the actions required to achieve compliance. The system even tracks and reports on manufacturer recalls. Not only does BuildingReports reduce the number of hours technicians traditionally spend filing paper reports, but because each device record has a date and time stamp, the report is easily verifiable, helping to reduce liability.
“Paper reporting is quickly becoming a thing of the past as the industry continues to embrace inspection technology,” said Jason Kronz, BuildingReports president and chief technology officer. “All of the major National Fire Protection Agency codes allow for electronic reporting. Fire and safety code enforcement officials are embracing the advantages of solutions like BuildingReports’ ComplianceCenter, which we launched as a free public service that uses a single online portal.”
BuildingReports is also expanding its service offerings in other ways. “We are in the process of developing new ScanSeries inspection solutions beyond fire, life safety, and security systems,” said Kronz. “These new applications will give companies that service other facility systems the ability to leverage the leading technology for inspecting, reporting, and servicing the myriad of systems within a facility.” To help support the expansion of its service offerings, BuildingReports is also enhancing existing functionality to allow ScanSeries network members to more effectively collaborate with other members who provide disparate services across large multi-system and multi-facility contracts.
About BuildingReports
Building-safety compliance is critical to service companies, building owners, and fire and safety officials who are charged with safeguarding occupants. BuildingReports’ mobile and online inspection reporting tools enable inspectors to gather data on fire and life safety devices quickly to ensure that these devices are working properly and meet code requirements and to identify actions needed to meet compliance through easily verifiable inspection reports. With over 3,000,000 inspection reports to date, 500,000 plus buildings with over 180,000,000 devices represented, and more than 700 inspection companies in its network, BuildingReports has earned its reputation as the most trusted name in compliance reporting.
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