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New Feature for ScanSeries Healthcare Users

BuildingReports has released a new feature that will be welcomed by users of our ScanSeries Healthcare formats. When logging into your account and viewing your reports in a healthcare format, you will notice a new designation in the legend section at the beginning of the Inspection and Testing section.

The legend now includes an “R” designation for Replaced devices. Therefore, when a device is replaced during an inspection, an “R” will appear for the replaced device. Additionally, located directly beside that device in the list, will be the information for the new device.

If a device was deleted but not replaced, the word “Removed” will appear under the date stamp for that device in the given quarter.

To assist further with documentation, the year to date (YTD) totals and the Device Total at the end of each device type section will no longer show a count of all unique barcodes in that device type section. It will only display the actual total number of devices in the building.

So, for example, if you have five tampers and replaced one of them, the device total at the end of that section will no longer show six tampers but will display five instead.

This update to the healthcare formats should be a significant help to our members and their healthcare clients especially at survey time.

To learn more about ScanSeries Healthcare, contact your BuildingReports inspeciton service provider. To add ScanSeries Healthcare to your BuildingReports suite of solutions – including special report formats for CMS accredited agencies like The Joint Commission – contact your Account Manager or email



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