BuildingReports® Monthly Product Updates – March 2024

In our continuous effort to provide the industry’s best-in-class solutions for fire safety and prevention, BuildingReports® always strives to improve its offerings and services. Every month, you can now read about the latest updates developed and implemented by our experts.


  • Fixed various translation-related issues


  • Added new “Updated” date/time column to admin translations UI


  • AccountManager – Updated Building Summary button
  • AccountManager Building Edit – Schedule Edit and Creation UI corrections


  • Within Generic Events, users now have the option to change an event status from ‘Open’ to ‘Confirmed.’ This update provides a clear, more direct way to communicate the progression of an event. Additionally, the ‘Follow Up’ status can be selected for both ‘Confirmed’ and ‘Completed’ events. This allows users to categorize events that require further attention and streamline the management process. Lastly, the ‘Follow Up’ status is now available for Scheduled Events marked as ‘Completed.’ These updates are designed to provide a more efficient and user-friendly platform for managing events.
  • Added frequency/interval to scheduled events on BRMobile
  • Updated BRMobile Calendar UI

Custom Reports 

  • Created various new custom reports

General Site Functionality

  • Added caution icon to Inspection State Transitions Building Owner Confirmation
  • Integrated registered trademark symbol into HVACScan
  • Executed non-user-facing backend changes
  • Created database for additional statistics

Get Reports

  • Previously, building owners didn’t have the privilege to decipher the meaning of various status tags. Now, with the new update, when they hover over a status tag, text pops up explaining what that particular tag signifies. For instance, if the tag reads, “Inspection all clear. No review necessary.,” it implies that the building has passed the inspection and doesn’t require further scrutiny. The same feature is extended to BRForms. Here, the status tags mirror the specific value set within the form. For example, if a form’s status tag reads “Failed” or “All clear,” it directly corresponds to the value defined inside the form. This makes the process more intuitive and easy to understand.


  • Service Line Pick-list options – Added functionality allowing Integrations users to specify: Per failed device, Per failed device type, and/or Per inspection (all devices) what Service Line value they want associated with each discrepancy sent to integrated software
  • Improved handling when calling invalid integrated software location IDs in relation to creation of Quotes/Jobs
  • Added “Status” tag column to show tag color to the integrated software grid
  • Added “Unlink Location” button to integrated software “Change Location” UI window


  • ‘Follow Up’ status is now available for Scheduled Events marked as ‘Completed’
  • Bug fix for events
  • Updated start/end drag operations

Standard Reports

  • Previously, when modifying device details using the modal device editor, issues arose if that device had been removed or replaced. Since the device in question no longer exists in the report, except as a reference, changes to device details should not be required. This situation created confusion, as deleted or replaced devices in the report were still showing as editable. To improve user experience, we’ve refined this feature so details for deleted or replaced devices in the report cannot be edited.
  • Updated modal device editor
  • Proposed Solutions updates
  • Updates to SafetyScan CIHQ report


  • Backend change to Custom VerificationOnly user role
  • Frontend change to Custom VerificationOnly user role



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