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Roundup of Recent ScanSeries for iOS & Web Portal Updates

By Joanna Ku | October 15, 2019

BuildingReports has released a few other updates in addition to two aforementioned feature launches. ScanSeries for iOS (v2.27.68) included several improvements and enhancements, and you may have already noticed some changes to the web portal user interface as well. The next update for ScanSeries for Android will be announced later this year. ScanSeries for iOS […]

What’s New in the Latest ScanSeries for Android and iOS Updates?

By Joanna Ku | March 22, 2019

The latest update of BuildingReports ScanSeries for both Android and iOS includes a host of updates to devices and fields associated with existing devices. While this post does not include every update in the latest release, we’ve selected some of the highlights to share with you in this post. BuildingReports recommends keeping your ScanSeries app […]

Important Update: Changes to Supported iOS Devices

By Joanna Ku | September 27, 2018

As of today, ScanSeries is no longer supported on iPhone, iPod and iPad running iOS versions older than 8.0. This specifically applies to the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4, which are unable to update to iOS version 8.0 or newer. While the 4th generation devices were released in 2010, the iPhone 4S – which […]

iOS ScanSeries Version 2.16.12 Released; SecurityScan Updates for Android & iOS

By Joanna Ku | October 12, 2017

If you are an iOS user, you’re likely aware of the challenges presented by the latest operating system updates from Apple related to version 11 intended to support their new iPhone 8 and X devices. As issues are identified in ScanSeries for iOS, our team is working hard to keep pace with new ScanSeries releases […]

ScanSeries for iOS Version 2.15.26 Now Available

By Joanna Ku | September 26, 2017

The latest update to ScanSeries for iOS is now available on the Apple App store. In addition to various improvements and feature updates, the latest release contains several adjustments to counteract changes in Apple’s iOS 11 operating system update. If you do not have auto-update enabled on your iOS device, you can manually install the […]

Important iOS Updates to ScanSeries and BRForms

By Joanna Ku | August 2, 2017

If you are an iOS user and do not have your Apple device set to auto-update applications, you’ll want to make sure you manually initiate the update to take advantage of multiple improvements just released for members. Plus, here’s some more information about what you can expect from the latest updates to BRForms for iOS. […]

SprinklerScan for iOS: Update Your App for New Devices

By Joanna Ku | May 18, 2016

BuildingReports members using ScanSeries for Apple iOS devices can now update to version 2.8.7 via the Apple App Store. The latest release includes minor improvements, as well as a correction to fix a recent “Download Mistmatch” error reported from users in the field. Members licensing SprinklerScan on iOS will also have access to new Pump […]

New ScanSeries Feature for iOS and Android: Device Discrepancy Report Images

By Joanna Ku | August 19, 2015

Available now, ScanSeries iOS version 2.3.41 and ScanSeries for Android version 1.0.99 can be downloaded in their respective app stores. Read the full article for important information about each new release. New feature for ScanSeries for iOS and Android Users Discrepancy Photos Added: New feature allows Image/DocDrive support for adding photos of Discrepancies to Failed […]

Fire & Safety Inspection Software Update

By Joanna Ku | January 30, 2015

ScanSeries 2.1 for iOS is now available for download from the Apple App Store. In addition to updates and modifications based on your feedback, this release also includes several enhancements to improve the user experience and add important functionality to the leading mobile fire and life safety inspection application. BuildingReports’ ScanSeries users are encouraged to […]

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