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Hear From Our Members - Why We Chose BuildingReports

Whether at work or at play, millions of people depend on the safety devices for buildings they enter every day to ensure their safety. Watch our video to learn more about what makes BuildingReports the most trusted name in compliance reporting.


Video Transcript

We came to BuildingReports because we found out our business model wasn’t moving along with technology, and we needed to step up to the plate so to speak. BuildingReports has done that for us, and it supported us through the whole process.

A lot of our customers are in the medical facilities. We handle a lot of hospitals and a lot of clinics and such, and they are very co-dependent, and they absolutely love the reporting. It makes them look good. They are able to present correct documentation, feel comfortable and confident that when the AHJ comes that they will be looked at in a favorable light, and that’s very important to them. That has enhanced our business, it has brought a new business to us and it continues to grow our business.

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