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BuildingReports releases ScanSeries version 1.1.30 for Android

BuildingReports is pleased to announce the latest release of ScanSeries for Android. The latest update features a number of improvements and enhancements for the leading fire and life safety inspection application, including:

  • Merge feature has a new workflow for easier merging of reports from two mobile devices
  • Local Bluetooth merging also now available for paired devices
  • For users with the Janam XM5 device, scrolling functionality has been added to merge views
  • Partial building information is now removed when user exits the download process by touching outside dialog box
  • Archive/restore functionality added for device images
  • Corrected issues with the Map and Schedule Search features
  • Service Summary for SafetyScan bug has been fixed
  • Reported issue with Sound Test data entry field has been resolved

To learn more or download the ScanSeries app for Android, visit the Google Play app store.


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