Sensitivity Data Entry Made Simple

Entering data for smoke detector sensitivity so that the range will populate automatically in your report can sometimes be a challenge, especially if the detector head supplies only the range of the detector while the rating, minus and plus values (which compute to give you the range) are not provided. Since the Smoke Detector device record in our applications allows you to enter the Rating and Minus/Plus values so that a range will populate automatically, how do you address this type of scenario so that the range will populate successfully?

Here are some tips that can ensure an accurate and complete Sensitivity Report:

Sensitivity Data Entry

  • Sensitivity Rating: This is where you place the average (mean) value that the manufacturer assigned to the detector. If not on the back of the head, see the formula below. NOTE: This is NOT the same as the Sensitivity Range. Do not enter the range in this field.
  • Sensitivity Minus and Plus: This is the plus/minus margin that the manufacturer assigns to the detector. If this information is not provided on the back of the head, see the formula below.

Sensitivity Formula

If the only information available is the range on a particular detector, use this formula to get the range and minus/plus values. (You can enter for percentages or voltage. If voltage, just be sure to place the letter V next to your sensitivity test result to indicate a voltage reading.)

Example: Range = 1% to 4%

Find the difference: 4% – 1% = 3%

Divide the difference by two: 3% / 2 = 1.5%

This gives you a plus/minus value of 1.5%

Add (to the low) and subtract (from the high) that plus/minus value for the high and low range values: 1% + 1.5% = 2.5% and 4% – 1.5% = 2.5%

Your official rating is 2.5%.

Now, enter your rating and your minus/plus values into the respective fields and the report will populate the range for you. If the report is already uploaded, you can enter them easily into Device Editor.

Again, please note that the Sensitivity Rating field is NOT for your Sensitivity Range. This is a common misconception. Remember, BuildingReports will apply the range automatically based on your data entries in those three fields.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you use these three fields, it will override any data in our system for the same make/model detector. That way, you’re always assured that your readings take precedence. If you don’t enter data in those fields and we have that make/model in our system, it will auto-populate the range based on our data. If you don’t enter data and we don’t have any data either, there will be no range at all.


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