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BuildingReports® Monthly Product Updates – May 2024

In our continuous effort to provide the industry’s best-in-class solutions for fire safety and prevention, BuildingReports® always strives to improve its offerings and services. Every month, you can now read about the latest updates developed and implemented by our experts.

Custom Reports

  • Developed several new custom reports as part of our continuous effort to provide our members and their customers with the critical information they need.
  • Advanced several existing branded and custom reports for members.

General Site Functionality

  • Updated Accounts Page translations to provide greater access to our growing customer base.
  • Added “Partnerships” tab to Account Manager for easier management of new and existing partnerships.
  • Altered privacy settings of information being shared through partnered buildings.
  • Included added functionality to Service Tickets system.
  • Back-end changes in preparation for upcoming features.


  • Added trademark symbols to the integrated software grid, strengthening the BuildingReports brand and identity.
  • Adjusted sort parameters on API
  • Advancements to several existing integrations


  • Expanded monthly events from one to two lines of text to enable the capture of additional system information

Standard Reports

  • Enhanced in-report modal device editor to enhance reporting accuracy and speed


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