Single User Login for Building Owners

BuildingReports recently added a new feature for Building Owner users with multiple Building Owner accounts, allowing them to consolidate those accounts under one set of login credentials. This will give Building Owners convenient access to all of their inspection reports within one combined view, regardless of whether or not they work with one or multiple BuildingReports Service Members.

For example, if Service Company A performs the fire alarm inspections using FireScan, Service Company B performs sprinkler system inspections using SprinklerScan, and Company C performs fire extinguisher inspections using SafetyScan, then the Building Owner could have up to three user accounts and credentials required to access all three of their reports. This new feature improves the user experience by consolidating access to all reports under one unified login.

It’s important to note that only the Building Owner will have access to all of their inspection reports. Service Members will not have access to reports from other Service Members, nor will they have the ability to identify the other service members performing inspections for that Building Owner.

Upon logging in, BuildingReports will automatically detect if there are additional Building Owner accounts with the same e-mail address. If so, Building Owners will see the option at the top to link the current account to other existing user accounts as shown in the example below (click for larger view). If not, Service Members can work with the Building Owner to ensure that all of the logins are associated with a single email address and then allow the system to find the account matches for the Building Owner automatically.

Building Owner users will see their accounts with a matching email address and the Service Member who created each account. They will also see a ‘link’ icon on the right-hand side that shows whether the Building Owner user account is linked with the current log-in, or a broken link if not linked.

Building Owners can simply click the link icon to connect the accounts, which will prompt them to enter the password of the other user account (click for larger view).

Once the password is entered, the user accounts are now linked. Moving forward, any inspection reports for any of the linked accounts will be viewable through a single login for the Building Owner.



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