New Floor Plan Feature Now Available for All DocDrive Users

Service Members who subscribe to DocDrive, a web service that enables the storage and sharing of any document in any file format in the BuildingReports portal, now have access automatically enabled for the new interactive floor plan feature. Accounts with floor plans allow for the upload of building floor plan images so that inspectors can use icons to denote the physical location of a device being inspected. Icons are color-coded to indicate the status of each devices.

This provides several benefits, including:

  • Allow inspectors to quickly and easily find devices in the facility during future service calls
  • See the location and status of each device in the facility.
  • Filter by the device type to only display certain device types (click for larger view). For users with healthcare reporting formats, users can also filter by codes in addition to devices.
  • Floor Plan Example 1

  • Hover over the icon for each device to see critical detail summaries, including Device, Type and Address (click for larger view).
  • Floor Plan Example 2

  • See time-lapse recreations of service calls for enhanced quality assurance and performance management.

    Contact Member Services for more information about adding DocDrive and the complimentary floor plan feature to your account. For more information on using floor plans, download the PDF user guide or watch the video tutorial.


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