New ScanSeries Releases Available in November

Android and iOS users both now have access to the latest features for ScanSeries. If you have not already updated your mobile device to the latest versions, BuildingReports recommends doing so at the earliest opportunity to take advantage of new features and improved functionality. The latest versions are v1.3.93 for Android and v2.30.102 for iOS. Access the ‘About’ screen using the applicable menu option from the ScanSeries home screen to check your current version number.

The latest release also includes support for the new DocDrive Plus add-on. DocDrive enables the storage and sharing of any document in commonly used file formats for all users in your organization, including customers such as Building Owners and Facility Managers. Users access documents through an assigned secure login ID and password. Once logged in, users can retrieve documents filed by facility or customer account including proposals, quotations, job documents, images, drawings, panel programs, invoices, operating manuals, cut-sheets, inspection photos and more. DocDrive also includes the new interactive floor plan feature launched last year.

While DocDrive also includes the ability to attach device images to a failed device record in BuildingReports, DocDrive Plus extends that functionality to include images with all devices regardless of inspection status. This new enhanced feature was added at the request of numerous members. For more information or a demo of DocDrive or DocDrive Plus, please contact your Member Success Manager.

In addition, the new releases include:

  • The option to add photos to digital forms via BRForms (requires BRForms and either DocDrive or DocDrive Plus)
  • During an inspection, ScanHistory is now accessible on the device details screen by tapping the ScanHistory icon located in the ScanID field
  • Sort/Filter options allow for filtering the Device List by Keyword, Notes, Photos, and more
  • A new option in ScanSeries settings to show Passed devices containing technician notes in yellow on the device list
  • Sorting the Device List using the “Address Numeric” option now sorts devices by their full numerical value rather than sorting by the first digit of the number
  • A new workflow for scanning data into fields, such as Model #, Serial #, etc. (additional improvements are planned for the next update based on user feedback)
  • Other updates and improvements


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