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BuildingReports® Technology Update – June 2023


We have some exciting news to share with you about recent updates to the BuildingReports service.

BuildingReports Service Back-End Upgrade

Based on feedback from our membership network, we recently upgraded the look and feel of our online reporting service.  The result is a modern look to match our recently updated website.

The upgrade includes an expandable navigation bar with some expandable links for additional navigation around the website.  See the image below for an exclusive reveal of the new look and feel!


Standard ScanSeries Report Formats

Along with this upgrade, we have also advanced our standard ScanSeries inspection report formats to create a more modern look and feel.  FireScan report formats are now available on an “on request” basis, and the remaining ScanSeries formats are following shortly behind. Here’s a sneak-peek at the new report format.


2023 Future Upgrades

Later this year, we will be releasing additional upgrades to the Welcome page for when you, your colleagues and customers login to BuildingReports.  More details on these upcoming improvements will be announced as we get closer to launch later this year.

Please note that service uptime will not be affected as we launch these upgrades.  We trust that BuildingReports users will enjoy these upgrades and we believe several features will assist with efficiencies of overseeing any sized ITM department.  Should you or your team have feedback on these upgrades, please email and we’ll make certain to share it with our development team.

Kind regards,

The BuildingReports Marketing Team


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