BuildingReports® Technology Update – September 2023

What’s New With BuildingReports®

In our continuous effort to provide the industry’s best performing solutions for fire safety and prevention, BuildingReports® is always looking to improve on its offerings and services. Read about some of the latest updates our experts developed below.

ScanSeries® Inspection Format

Recently, our development team updated the new 2023 ScanSeries® formatted inspection report. They have now advanced the new report format to include images taken by inspectors within the ScanSeries® mobile app. Users will have the ability to select the image sizes and location within the report they are downloading, with the following options:

  1. Small Images – For both passed and failed devices, small images appear in the Discrepancy section and the Inspection and Testing section.
  2. Large Images – For both passed and failed devices, large images appear in the Discrepancy section. For DocDrive® PLUS, large images also appear in the Inspection and Testing section for passed devices only.
  3. Large Images (Separate Section) – All images are placed in a separate section of the report in large format. Images are separated by passed/failed and are not displayed elsewhere in the report.

This feature is immediately available for FireScan® users, and the remaining ScanSeries® reports will follow shortly.

Small Images

Large Images

Large Images (Separate Section)

ServiceTrade® Integration Update

Based on feedback from joint BuildingReports® and ServiceTrade® users, our development team has added the ability to port pricing from our ScanSeries® Proposed Solutions interface into the ServiceTrade® service.


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