BuildingReports® Technology Update – December 2023

In our continuous effort to provide the industry’s best-performing solutions to fire safety and prevention, BuildingReports is always looking to improve its offerings and services. Below, you can read about some of the latest updates our experts have developed and implemented.

Additional Columns

Users may have noticed the Get Reports page now has additional optional columns, such as “% Tested,” “% Passed,” and “% Failed.” These options allow administrator and manager-level users to access oversight information without having to open the report. Additionally, these columns can be used to compare data between inspections over periods of time.

Additional columns in the new layout (% Tested, % Passed, % Failed)

Side Navigation Lock

Based on user requests for additions to the new website’s left-navigation sliding pane, our development team added a small lock to the edge of the navigation bar. This feature allows users to create a new default action in this section. Users can now switch between locked-expanded, locked-collapsed, or the original sliding navigation bar by hovering the cursor over the lock symbol.


Several minor feedback items were completed for scheduling and planning, specifically allowing users to view their calendars in a customized default view.


Accessibility Menu
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