BuildingReports® Technology Update – March 2024

In our continuous effort to provide the industry’s best-performing solutions to fire safety and prevention, BuildingReports® is always looking to improve its offerings and services. Below, you can read about some of the latest updates our experts have developed and implemented.

Continued Support for Major Manufacturers of Fire Extinguishers

As more fire extinguisher manufacturers incorporate QR codes into their labels to provide individual digital identification, BuildingReports® continues to support our partners in the delivery of enhanced property safety and inspection productivity.

Through each fire extinguisher QR code, inspectors can generate device record data and upload it to the SafetyScan® asset database. Currently, QR codes can be found on Badger and Amerex fire extinguishers.


ScanSeries® Update (iOS)

Over the past month, minor updates and fixes were applied to the ScanSeries® app with device field carry-over and camera scanning capabilities. Please visit your app store for full update details.


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