Sensitivity Data Entry Made Simple

By David Spence | February 28, 2018

Entering data for smoke detector sensitivity so that the range will populate automatically in your report can sometimes be a challenge, especially if the detector head supplies only the range of the detector while the rating, minus and plus values (which compute to give you the range) are not provided. Since the Smoke Detector device […]

Important Updates to BuildingReports Web Portal

By David Spence | January 24, 2018

The BuildingReports development team launched a few updates to the portal overnight that you may have noticed upon logging in today. The following is a quick summary of those changes. Modal Single Device Editor – the old device editor that was previously accessed by clicking a device’s blue link inside of a report on has […]

iOS ScanSeries Version 2.16.12 Released; SecurityScan Updates for Android & iOS

By David Spence | October 12, 2017

If you are an iOS user, you’re likely aware of the challenges presented by the latest operating system updates from Apple related to version 11 intended to support their new iPhone 8 and X devices. As issues are identified in ScanSeries for iOS, our team is working hard to keep pace with new ScanSeries releases […]

BUILDINGS Magazine: An FM’s Guide to Fire Protection System Inspections

By David Spence | September 20, 2017

The following is an excerpt from the September issue of BUILDINGS. To read the full article by Justin Feit, click the link below. Whether you are enlisting the help of a service provider or doing most of the work yourself, it is important for you to know the basics of fire safety system inspection. Staying […]

Important iOS Updates to ScanSeries and BRForms

By David Spence | August 2, 2017

If you are an iOS user and do not have your Apple device set to auto-update applications, you’ll want to make sure you manually initiate the update to take advantage of multiple improvements just released for members. Plus, here’s some more information about what you can expect from the latest updates to BRForms for iOS. […]

How-To Guide: Linking Accounts and Buildings from Separate Service Providers

By David Spence | November 2, 2016

Do you use different BuildingReports Members for your various fire and life safety system inspections and reporting? Or, do you manage numerous building(s) serviced by different providers? If so, there is now a way to consolidate all of your reports under any account login. First, log into the BuildingReports portal using your credentials for any […]

Commonly Overlooked Test and Inspection Requirements

By David Spence | October 26, 2016

The following is a guest blog contribution from one of BuildingReports’ service members, A1 Sprinkler & Systems Integration. If you would like to contribute as a guest blogger, please contact Life safety systems such as sprinklers, fire extinguishers, fire pumps, and fire alarms all have required tests and inspections to ensure they are running […]

New Feature for ScanSeries Healthcare Users

By David Spence | September 19, 2016

BuildingReports has released a new feature that will be welcomed by users of our ScanSeries Healthcare formats. When logging into your account and viewing your reports in a healthcare format, you will notice a new designation in the legend section at the beginning of the Inspection and Testing section. The legend now includes an “R” […]

INFOGRAPHIC: The Real Cost of False Alarms & How to Prevent Them

By David Spence | July 25, 2016

A recent study by the NFPA uncovered some eye-opening statistics. In 2012, fire departments in the United States reported responding to over 2,238,000 false alarms. The majority, 46.6%, were unintentional calls, while 31.9% were attributed to system malfunctions. This represents a serious strain on emergency responders who not only risk their own safety trying to […]

Are you prepared for your next fire inspection?

By David Spence | July 14, 2016

How prepared are you for a fire inspection? Your local fire marshal can stop by to inspect your business anytime, so it is of grave importance to make sure your building is up to code at all times. But what exactly does “up to code” mean? After all, fire codes can be very complex and […]